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Volunteers continue to play a vital role in the sucess of our various programs, such as Scor! camps & workshops. We've seen everyone from college students to retirees to busy career folks all volunteer their time to help see things accomplished.

Everyone has some unique skill, perspective or resource that they can bring to the table. What's yours?

Volunteer Jobs:
Listed below are some of the volunteer responsibilities and tasks where we need good people like you. Some are single tasks, some are on-site tasks, and others involve more ongoing responsibility. Some involve working with just a computer, and others involve working with many people. Chances are, you might think of something new that we have not even considered yet! If you're willing to do it, let us know!

From Your Location:

Web Listings Updating: Serve to improve accessibility to Scor! via online directory listings, searches, links, reviews, and the like.

Tell a Friend: Anyone can tell a friend, co-worker, or relative about Scor! or Express!. It's a simple way to help, and it's effective! Also, please let us know if you could pass out some brochures, put up posters, etc.

Press & Media: We have news that media will air for free. The challenge is reaching all the right reporters, columnists, and editors with that news! Help by targeting the right places and people in your local papers, websites, radio & TV stations, and we'll provide you with press releases, pictures, and news to pass along.

Writer / Editor: Communicating with our constituency is extremely important. We send out Inspirations newsletters 1-3x per year for Scor!. We need help editing and writing content. If you love to write, this is the opportunity for you!

Sponsorship Assistant: We have a growing need to obtain sponsorships from businesses, individuals, and locations with facilities. Maybe you're the perfect "connector" to help make this happen in your area. We can help too- we have a prospectus that describes Scor! and outlines various sponsorship or advertising options.

Grant Researcher: If you like poking around on the web or in a library, you might enjoy helping to find money! ...or at least potential grants and foundations that might be a good fit with one or more of our programs.

At Our Rochester, NY Office:

Mailing Assistance: We frequently need help folding and stuffing mailings.(Singular time committments)

Data Entry: Add new community orchestras and string teachers to appropriate mailing lists using information we have. (Occaisoinal basis)

Data Entry: Assist with entering registration form information. Could also be done at your own location. (on-going basis, by season)

Bookkeeping: If you're good with numbers and details, you'll like this one! Typically involves entering receipts and categorizing them, tallying print/copy usage, and paying bills. We use Excel and QuickBooks, so a familiarity with one or both of those programs is a plus. (on-going basis, about 1-2 hrs. per week)

Filing Assistant: We're in a growing stage with lots of exciting new activities--all of which generate a lot of paperwork! Help keep things running smoothly by typing out file and binder tabs, labeling binders, and generally helping things to be organized! (Occaisional basis)

On-Site at Scor! Camps & Workshops.

Loading & Unloading & setting up equipment at our events. Typically involves lifting and moving (sometimes with a dolly) boxes of supplies.

Errand running at or before/after events--delivering items to faculty, groups, etc., showing new campers find their way.

Setup and Teardown with other volunteers. Typically involves moving chairs, tables, plus setting up registration tables, merchandise table, and the like.

Registration Table Manager: Serve to get people registered, and help to coordinate any other registration table volunteers, and help setup the registration table.

Registration Table Asisstant: Help get participants registered. You'll do one or two tasks a number of times.

Merchandise Sales: Operate the Scor! merchandise sales table. Involves setting up the merchandise in an aesthetically pleasing way, making change, accounting for start/finish inventory and receipts, etc. A little retail experience would be helpful here.


  • Beth Bultman
  • 877.726.7267
  • 67 Pembroke Street, Rochester, NY 14620